Street CZ Chain

CZ Chain for Honda Street Bikes

As Japan was still rebuilding after the second World War, mechanic Soichiro Honda noticed the Japanese’s public’s desire for small, fuel-efficient, and inexpensive vehicles for transportation. In 1948, he created the company which bore his name and answered the people’s demands with bicycles powered by small engines. A year later, Honda released their first complete motorcycle, the Dream D-Type. The Dream D-Type was a 98cc road bike that would go on to be the forefather of Honda’s future motorcycle and scooter development efforts. The Honda Dream became famous in the motocross and motorcycle racing circuits, racking up victory after victory with many won by Soichiro Honda himself. As Honda motorcycles gained more traction in the motorcycle club racing circuit, they soon became the preferred performance brand of riders throughout the world; they even managed to dethrone the former 2-wheel kings from America and the UK. In 1959, Honda motorcycles made their American debut in a small Los Angeles, California shop. Thanks to a catchy ad campaign (“You’ll meet the nicest people on a Honda”), American customers began to ditch their traditional Harley-Davidsons and Triumphs in favor of these brand new, technologically-superior Japanese sport bikes. The 1960s also introduced the next revolution in motorcycle riding: dirt bikes. The small and compact Japanese motorcycles were capable of traversing through campgrounds and forest trails which led Honda to create their first dedicated dirt bike, the 1973 Honda CR250 Elsinore. The Honda Elsinore was a serious motocross machine and mx racers were scrambling to get one into their respective stables. Honda was now a global dominating force in the motocross circuit and the motorcycle market and 40+ years later, they still haven’t shown any signs of slowing.

CZ Chains is a famous and storied manufacturer of roller chains, bush chains, silent chains, and special chains for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, go-karts, automobiles, and the industrial and agricultural fields. Hailing from the Czech Republic, CZ Chains has been in the roller chain business since 1929 and has since produced nearly 280 thousand miles of chain. The product portfolio currently holds more than 2,000 different types of roller chains and we at Race Driven are proud to be retailers of CZ Chains for Honda street bikes. We’ve gathered up the best motorcycle chains to give your Honda street bike the ultimate overhaul. Race Driven sprockets are made from OEM quality tempered steel for years of worry-free performance and service. We stock a full assortment of CZ Chain roller chains. Shop online and browse our inventory for the best motorcycle drive chains for Honda sport bikes and Honda touring motorcycles.