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Brake Pads for Ford Trucks

A member of the Detroit “Big Three”, the Ford Motor Company is also one of the world’s top 10 biggest automakers. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford Motor Company created some of the most famous car nameplates in history including the legendary Thunderbird and iconic Mustang. But before the brand developed roadsters and muscle cars, Ford’s most famous product came in 1947, a pure slice of Americana called the F-Series pickup truck. Ford’s F-Series has been the #1 best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1986 and the top-selling pickup truck model since 1977, besting their primary domestic rival, General Motors and their Chevrolet and GMC brands. The Ford F-Series ranges from light-duty to medium-duty and while most are built as full-size pickup trucks, the F-Series is extended to include chassis cab trucks and commercial trucks. Of the entire F-Series family, the Ford F-150 is the most popular and serves millions of Americans as a family hauler, personal vehicle, work truck, or sometimes, a combination of all three. Its appeal has even breached the sport performance market with high-performance variants such as the SVT Lightning and the Ford Raptor. In 1999, the F-250 and F-350 became the new Ford Super Duty line of trucks within the original F-Series line and in the following year, the Ford F-650 and F-750 Super Duty commercial trucks joined the lineup (these were the successors to the original F-600, F-700, and F-800 heavy-duty trucks from 1980 to 1998). With close to a million pickup trucks sold each year, the Ford F-Series pickup truck is as American as apple pie and baseball.

At Race Driven, we are ATV performance enthusiasts who race and ride with a lifetime of powersports experience. Our premium brake pads for Ford trucks withstand the harshest environments and extreme performance demands such as towing and off-road. These brake pads were not just tested in a lab, we spent over 3 months testing these brakes in an industrial atmosphere and they outlasted the most famous brands of brakes. We’re committed to bringing the highest quality products to all riders at an affordable price.