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In 1983, Suzuki became the “First on Four Wheels” with their new LT125 4-wheel ATV, the industry’s first. The Suzuki LT125 cemented the Japanese manufacturer as the most important and most innovative ATV brand in the market and the LT125 determined the path for which all succeeding ATVs followed. Suzuki was also one of the first and one of the only ATV brands to offer youth-oriented models that were scaled down in size for younger riders. The Quadrunner 50 was a smash hit for kids and was a starting block for many off-road racing hobbies and professional racing careers. In 1985, Suzuki’s race-inspired LT250R kick-started the company’s mission of race-ready ATVs that could compete right from the showroom floor. Legendary motocross racer Gary Denton took home many victories in his LT250R. The later half of the 1980s gave the market the QuadSport LT230, LT4WD with 4-wheel drive and the vicious LT500R “Quadzilla”, which still reigns supreme today as the world’s fastest 4-wheel ATV made. Suzuki’s racing and motorsports prowess in both motorcycles and ATVs helped birth the original 1991 KingQuad. Based off of the popular Quadrunner 4WD, the KingQuad’s versatility, balanced-design, and selectable 2WD and 4WD made it a favorite of farmers, ranchers, hunters, and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The KingQuad evolved during the 2000s and in 2005, the KingQuad 700 gained fuel injection. 2006 saw the introduction of the LT-R450 EFI, the first race-ready motocross ATV and today, it is one of the very few ATV models on the market that do not deviate much from the actual versions used on the motocross race course.

At Race Driven, we are ATV performance enthusiasts who race and ride with a lifetime of powersports experience. Our aftermarket performance parts and replacement components are engineered and crafted to withstand the harshest of everyday utilitarian use as well as the severe abuse of the racetrack. We work closely and directly with our manufacturing, prototyping, and powder coating company located in Escanaba, Michigan to ensure that our in-demand powersports products are available to you, the powersports aficionado, at the lowest possible cost. We’re committed to bringing the highest quality products to all riders at an affordable price.