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Arctic Cat ATV Brakes

When Edgar Hetteen resigned from his original business venture, Polaris Industries, in 1960, he formed Polar Manufacturing Company. Like Polaris, Polar Manufacturing (renamed Arctic Enterprises, Inc. in 1961) was a leading American manufacturer of snowmobiles and enjoyed massive growth and prosperity during the mid 1960s to the 1970s. However, sales began to plummet, profits started to wane, and the company found themselves in extreme debt. Arctic Enterprises declared bankruptcy in 1982. Two years later, founder Edgar Hetteen and a group of investors returned to the business under a new moniker, Arctco, Inc. Arctico’s first order of business was to resume production of snowmobiles called Arctic Cat. Arctic Cat snowmobiles sold well enough for Arctico to go public in 1990 and in 1996, the first Arctico ATV was produced. This ATV, called the Bearcat 454 4X4, featured a Suzuki-designed 454cc four-stroke single cylinder engine with a semi-automatic clutch and foot-shifted transmission. Recognizing the overnight success of the Bearcat 454, Arctico officially changed their name to Arctic Cat, and produced a full lineup of ATVs based off of the original Bearcat 454 layout. Unlike other ATV manufacturers, Arctic Cat ATVs are built with a higher emphasis on utilitarian and work use and feature higher ground clearance, low gear ratios that are optimal for towing, large steel hauling racks, and larger fuel tanks for extended range. Legendary models such as the Wildcat, Alterra, XC450, DVX 400 and new models including the TBX 700 EPS, VLX 700, Mudpro, and big bore 1000 XT EPS certify Arctic Cat as one of the world leaders in all-terrain performance and rugged durability.

At Race Driven, we are ATV performance enthusiasts who race and ride with a lifetime of powersports experience. Our severe duty sintered metal brake pads are designed and engineered by us to provide superior performance that exceeds even the most famous brand names in brake parts manufacturing. No semi-metallic brake pad, organic brake pad, or ceramic brake pad on the market can outlast our proprietary design. Our heavy-duty stainless steel brake rotors feature extra venting to keep your brakes cool and to prevent rotor cracking and warping in a myriad of riding conditions. Race Driven makes specialty brake parts to withstand the harshest ATV riding environments and extreme performance demands. We’re committed to bringing the highest quality products to all riders at an affordable price.