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Kawasaki ATV Brakes and Kawasaki ATV Brake Parts

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Kawasaki ATV Brakes

Honda and Suzuki were the main players in the bustling new ATV market of the late 1970s. In 1981, another Japanese manufacturer with a long history in motorcycle production threw their hat in the ring with the KLT200. The 1981 Kawasaki KLT200 differed from its Japanese competition by offering the largest available engine displacement for the time. At 198 cubic inches, it was a certifiable beast compared to the minuscule 70 and 90cc models that were on the market. The 3-wheeled KLT200 also featured an electric starter, a manual clutch, and a dual-mode differential. Kawasaki soon followed up with the performance-oriented KLT250, heavy-duty Duckster and the Prairie 250, which was the first of the famous Prairie ATV line. In 1985, Kawasaki introduced their first 4-wheel ATV called the Bayou 185. Marketed as a “4-wheeled dirt bike”, the Bayou 185 offered unmatched agility due to its smooth independent front suspension, heavy-duty driveshaft, and a 1-cylinder SOHC engine with gobs of low-end torque. Kawasaki’s motocross and motorcycle racing experience helped them to develop high-performance, heavy-duty ATV models. The Tecate 4 was one of these ATV racers and the production version differed very little from the actual racing machine. In 1989, Kawasaki responded to Honda’s FourTrax (released 3 years earlier) with the Bayou 300 4X4 and in 1993, Kawasaki’s Bayou 400 reclaimed the displacement top spot with its hefty, liquid-cooled 391 cubic inch engine. 1997 saw the release of the first Japanese ATV with an automatic transmission, the Prairie 400 and in 2002, Kawasaki built the world’s first V-twin powered ATV, the Prairie 650. With a rich history in 2, 3, and 4-wheel motorsports, Kawasaki stands today as one of the world’s leading high-performance ATV manufacturers.

At Race Driven, we are ATV performance enthusiasts who race and ride with a lifetime of powersports experience. Our severe duty sintered metal brake pads are designed and engineered by us to provide superior performance that exceeds even the most famous brand names in brake parts manufacturing. No semi-metallic brake pad, organic brake pad, or ceramic brake pad on the market can outlast our proprietary design. Our heavy-duty stainless steel brake rotors feature extra venting to keep your brakes cool and to prevent rotor cracking and warping in a myriad of riding conditions. Race Driven makes specialty brake parts to withstand the harshest ATV riding environments and extreme performance demands. We’re committed to bringing the highest quality products to all riders at an affordable price.