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Bombardier ATV Brake Rotors

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), once the powersports subsidiary of Canada’s Bombardier, Inc., was founded in 1942 in Valcourt, Quebec by the man whom many call the “Father of the Snowmobile”, Joseph-Armand Bombardier. Two decades prior to the foundation of BRP, Joseph-Armand Bombardier had experimented with a propeller-driven snow vehicle that was heavily influenced by the Russian aerosanis. After Bombardier had established themselves with their popular series of snowmobiles, the company ventured into the world of off-road racing in the 1970s with their Can-Am brand of motocross racing motorcycles. Despite the on-track success of the Can-Am racing motorcycles, the brand was shut down in 1987. Ten years later, BRP used their knowledge and experiences from off-road racing to develop their first ATV prototype called the Traxter. The Traxter was a revolutionary machine for Bombardier Recreational Products and it helped the company earn ATV Of the Year honors in 1998. BRP rode on the success of the Traxter for a few more years until the debut of their first sport ATV, the DS650, in 2001. Soon, the Traxter and the DS 650 were joined by the DS 50, DS 650 Baja, DS 90, Quest 500 4X4, and the Quest 650 and Quest 650 XT. In 2006, the model that is, perhaps, the most important to BRP’s history was created: the Outlander 800. The Outlander 800 took home numerous accolades and prestigious off-road racing victories for Bombardier, including the death-defying Dakar Rally and the GNCC Racing Series Championship in October 2006. In recognition of the Outlander 800’s racing victories, BRP’s ATV division renamed themselves as Can-Am and Can-Am ATVs sit among world’s top 10 leading manufacturers and most popular brands with riders and off-road motorsport enthusiasts.

Race Driven is a company for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Our passion for off-road powersports goes into every product we create. The standard rotor combines technology from the MudRat rotors and the RipTide rotor. Made from tempered stainless steel and featuring drilled vent holes on the surface, the standard Race Driven rotor is an ideal OEM-style replacement that is built to meet or exceed the performance of stock equipment. The standard disc brake rotor is available as a single unit or as a pack that includes front and rear rotors. Browse our online inventory and find high-performance Race Driven brakes for Bombardier ATVs plus other famous ATV models from Honda, Polaris, Yamaha and more. Keep your Bombardier ATV brakes performing their absolute best with Race Driven brake pads and Race Driven brake rotors.