Polaris ATV A-Arm Bushings

Before they were known as one America’s leading names in ATVs and motorcycles, Polaris Industries was once a manufacturer of farm equipment and one of the country’s original snowmobile pioneers. Originally created in 1954 out of a desire for a vehicle that could traverse through the extreme snow of the midwest, Polaris found immediate success in the new snowmobile market. However, success was short-lived as Polaris were soon overtaken by the competition and the company began a 30+ year downward spiral that lasted into the early 1980s. By 1985, ATVs were becoming the next big thing in powersports vehicles and it was being dominated by the Japanese. Polaris saw an opportunity to enter the market as an American manufacturer and introduced the 4-wheel Trail Boss all-terrain vehicles. The Trail Boss stood out among the competition with a multitude of never-before-seen features on an ATV, due largely in part to Polaris’ snowmobile innovations making their way into the designs of their new ATV lines. Polaris was able to capture 25% of the ATV market share in the early 1990s and was able to maintain their ascent by continuously introducing new technology into their ATVs. The Big Boss 4X6, Trail Boss 350, Polaris Magnum 425, and Sportsman ATVs were important, groundbreaking machines in the 1990s and these sales successes, along with the launch of the in-demand extreme-duty Ranger RZR and subsequent RZR series, helped propel Polaris Industries back into prosperity and back in the spotlight as the biggest domestic ATV brand in North America.

Suspension bushings are used to provide a sort of cushioning between two metal objects while allowing only a certain amount of movement. Over time, rubber bushings will wear out. They can shrink, crack, or start to dry rot. This severely decreases (or, in the worst case scenario, completely eliminates) the bushings’ ability to absorb shock energy and vibration, which can lead to steering slop, poor wheel alignment, and other serious drivability issues. ATV bushings are vulnerable to worn bushings from the style of riding and the environments they endure. That’s why we at Race Driven have developed a superior series of heavy duty polyurethane bushings for Polaris ATVs. Polyurethane bushings replace the stock OEM rubber bushings supplied by Polaris. Polyurethane does not rot or experience the same degradation as rubber; it’s stiffer structure also helps to improve steering feel and accuracy. Race Driven A-arm bushings are made to far exceed typical OEM and OEM-type rubber bushings. Upper and lower A-arm bushings include bearings to maximize the handling performance of your Polaris utility ATV. Browse our online inventory and find polyurethane Race Driven bushings for Polaris Trail Boss, Big Boss, Scrambler, and other high-performance utility vehicles.